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Bloom in Harmony

A sanctuary for self cultivation


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Are you tending to your garden within?

Explore with self help books that encourage

self awareness and compassion.


Are you looking for balance ?  According to Taoism (Daoism) YinYang is a concept of dualism, which asserts that opposite forces are complimentary to one another and can create an interconnectedness of balance within. . .


Are you looking for love ?   Your words are wisps of babies breath, gliding across my peach colored cheeks. The wind creates a tunnel of lust around us, It makes me weak. . .


Are you looking for stillness ?  Deep within the cobwebs of our mind a myriad of “thought spiders” come to the surface and we feel as though webs are being spun. . . 

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Moss and Milk Bio Photo.jpg

About Me

I'm Alxzyndria the Creator of Moss and Milk.


I started Moss and Milk in 2019 as a means of sharing ritual self care tools, and art with those who are looking for more support on their wellness path. 


It is my hope that these tools can help you establish a deeper understanding of yourself, and help you embrace the healing energy you already carry within.


The artwork I share is meant to inspire and bring beauty to your space and be used as a potent reminder that expression is a key to removing blockages and obstacles in your internal world.


The path to a more balanced collective starts within us, individually as a seed of compassion, and then blossoms out to all as love.


Love and Light,




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