Sol 🌞

We’ve all experienced the invigorating feeling of sitting under the warmth of the sun, closing our eyes and seeing a bright golden aura surrounding our bodies. Waves crash to the shoreline and we feel tranquility wash over us. We forget about our to dos, our worries, and our fears. Our mind becomes still, the sand wriggles through our toes, we breath in, and open our eyes feeling renewed. There is a sacred healing we feel from the sun, a form of healing that we too can mirror. We can use the sun as an inspiration to shine bright.

Oftentimes the idea of shining bright has been associated with connecting to our higher self. Our higher self is considered to be a part of ourselves that transcends our conditioned fears, limiting beliefs, and ego. When we connect with our higher self we feel a oneness with all, we are reminded that nothing is separate. We are connected to one another, the sun, the moon, the stars, earth, flora, fauna, and the cosmos at large. We are cosmic beings with the power to embody all aspects of nature, particularly conscious unity.

Connecting with our inner sun, or higher self is beneficial for us to move beyond the persuasion of our ego and subconscious ways of being, and into cultivating a oneness with all. A special way to begin is to ask yourself how you can accept and love yourself more. When we can connect to this oneness within our hearts we loosen the grip of individualism, a philosophy which our western culture is founded on. This social outlook instills ego by isolating the self from the collective. When we isolate the self we build a sense of rigid behaviors that allows us to believe we are separate bodies existing in separate worlds.

Stepping into our higher self we realize when we speak of the self, we speak of all of humanity, since all things are connected, there is no separate self. When we can identify how to love and accept ourselves, we do this for the collective. We are able to connect with others more easily and can see we are all the same. After we have identified these compassionate qualities, we can more easily identify what limiting beliefs we’re holding onto, and let them go. When we do this we can release our conditioning with the intention of finding love for all, which can in turn allow us to more efficiently make the space we need for love and light within and without. As one collective, as one people, as one planet, as one universe.

When the sunlight shines over all things, my heart begins to sing. Glistening over a clear blue stream, sparkling ripples float by, a raven screams. Summer is the peace that it brings, knowing that all is alive, and all will gleam. How will you choose to be like the sun?