I dream. I believe. I receive.

This is the act of allowing the flow of abundance into our lives. To be abundant is to be rich with supply. This does not mean excess, rolling in a pile of gold, or trying to attain one thing after the other. It is appreciating what you have and knowing you might already have more than others and showing gratitude for whatever level of abundance you are endowed with. This can vary for each person but ultimately abundance should mean your basic needs and desires are fulfilled. Abundance is trusting you will always have exactly what you need and that you are infinitely supplied for. It should be noted with great consideration to be abundant is to also do what you can with what you have, it is the act of being thankful for having just what you need when you need it and nothing more, for less is always more.

When working with creating abundance in our lives it is important to take note on your views of abundance. There are two ways in which abundance is commonly viewed. The first is the scarcity mindset. This is where you feel there will never be enough. You are hesitant to share what you have and may have tendencies to hoard or hold onto things that no longer serve you. Maybe you fear change, you might also refrain from providing knowledge or offering help to those in need of guidance. You may be exceptionally competitive while trying to always stay on top. It can be said that when living with a scarcity mindset in regards to abundance your tendency is to think small and avoid taking risks.

The second and healthier way of viewing abundance is with an abundant mindset. Which of course is only fitting for creating infinite supply. When you have an abundant mindset you understand on a deep level there will always be more. You surrender and embrace all change with open arms. You share knowledge freely and collaborate with others rather than compete. You are generous with others, think big and embrace taking risks. You believe things are always getting better because you have learned that to trust is to allow for abundance to flow to you. You think big and are open to all possibilities.

When you can align your mental self in a place of abundance rather than scarcity you will be able to recognize you might already have everything you need to feel fulfilled. You can live minimally, share with and help others to create the same abundance in their lives. You can manifest and rest peacefully in your abode with the satisfaction of knowing you will be supplied for. All you have to do is dream, believe in your dreams and remain open so that you may receive all of the abundance that surrounds you.

🖤 Jaq Anne