Affirmations for Holiday Overwhelm

Whether you choose to quarantine this year or to safely spend time with family, I think it's safe to say, we could all use some loving words to rely on this holiday season.

Below is a list of Affirmations that always help me during this time of the year. I hope they can be of service to you too. 🖤

I am here in my body

I feel each toes pressing into the ground below

My Mind is safe

I feel secure

My breathe is fluid

My heart is at ease

My mind is balanced

I am safe

I am allowed to have me time now

I am allowed to say, no thank you

It's okay if I change my mind

It's okay if I want to be alone

I choose to smile

I choose to love

I choose to be here for me

This is a time of love

Love & Light,


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