In our Expression Bloom in Harmony book we pose the question; “What can I learn from myself about my expression?” There are plenty of ways to begin exploring the answer to this question, we suggest first identifying what you like your environment to feel like when you begin to create. Setting the mood for expression can be a form of ritual, a way to center yourself before you release the beauty you carry within. Think about the last time you sat down to write a song, or play piano, or draw some cartoons, how did you prepare? Was it an intuitive means of gathering all of your supplies and sitting down ready to begin? Or did you enter a messy workspace and roll around in paint? We’re all different and need different moods to express ourselves in. Some days we may find ourselves in messy mental spaces, or overwhelming emotional states before we begin, other days we may find ourselves completely at peace and enthusiastic. These environmental states play a role in our emotional response to creativity. The point of understanding what environment we like to be in when we create is to help us imbue comfort around the ritual of being creative.

Rituals are important for so many reasons, not only do they motivate us, but they also can mark important phases of our lives. Ritual is a word that many of us relate to a religious context, it is entirely up to you how you prefer to implement rituals in your life. Here we are referring to the act of being intentional with a habit that can fulfill your life in joyous ways in a non-religious sense. We are offering an alternative way to work within this habit, by working with ritual to improve our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Take a moment to reflect on your lifestyle habits, what do you do regularly that brings harmony to your mental, emotional, and spiritual well being? It may be working out regularly, making nourishing meals, or reading every night before you fall asleep. Now take a moment to consider what you do ritualistically to enhance your expression, and build a stronger relation to the self through creativity. Maybe you’re a musician, and pluck away endlessly at guitar, bass, or harp strings? Maybe you paint regularly or write poetry, maybe you sing or tend to your garden. What are your creative rituals, and how do they make you feel when you act in fulfilling them?

Starting a ritual around expression will bring generous rewards to you. Not only will you feel a sense of peace, but you will also feel confident in your creative process. This brings us to another question in our book; “What is unique about my expression?” You will find the answer to this question when you allow yourself the space and time to connect with the ritual of creative expression. When you actively sit and focus on a painting, molding clay with your hands, or blowing glass, you enter a place of trance. This trance-like place is considered to be a meditation in a sense. All the world around you disappears and your focus is on what is right in front of you. You feel the creative juices within you flowing out of your heart and soul into the object you are creating. It's in these moments that you can be fully present with your creations, and understand their unique qualities, and in what ways they carry parts of you within them, making them unique. Below is a poem I wrote in 2014 about how I feel when I connect with my creativity.

Find peace in the corners of the universe that are embodied with your creation.

Late nights filled with paint.

Filled with incense.

Filled with the flowers of glory.


Buds upon buds, upon buds.

Indigo, the backdrop, with stars amongst a pink aura.

Moths gliding all around.

A lil’ panther purring to the rhythm, an owl hooting.

Hands are still, still, still.

Holding a brush.

Everything is a dream and none of it will last.

Here for yet another epoch in human form.

What are we looking for?

What are we here to do?

We know the power that rests within us all.

I felt dreamy, romantic, and excited. I feel hopeful for the future, and for knowing that we all have a power within that is to create. If you're interested in understanding more about Expression please check out our free Expression Bloom in Harmony book. In Expression you will find ways to restore balance, affirmations, journal prompts, and a meditation to connect you further to your expression.