Gratitude Through Insight

To encompass the eagle eye denotes that we find gratitude in the whole of our existence. When we hover over our lives we are able to view our paths from above with reverence for seeing the infinite. This infinite vision guides us to see lessons, transformations, and the bigger picture in a new light. At times our vision may become narrow and we may be swallowed by the thickness of branches or leaves, yet we all have access to the eagle eye world view.

One way to fly into this visual expansion is by using Tarot and Oracle cards. Tarot and Oracle cards lay down a foundation around the current presentation of our lives. By connecting to these cards we can hold space to encircle anything we may be unsure of. Tarot and Oracle cards hold a dwindling taboo in Western culture. Often Tarot is considered to be a dark type of magic invoking unpleasant feelings, especially when we pull the Devil card! Yet this taboo is not only evident for Tarot and Oracle cards it is prevalent against anything regarded as being mystical or part of the unknown.

In recent awareness we are learning as a whole that we must become familiar with the dark to know the light. In establishing curiosity toward the unknown, we are able to keep an eagle eye view without attaching some form of energetic significance upon its blessings. When we attribute a type of energy or emotion to something, we may unintentionally hold that opinion for the rest of our lives. Inevitably this pushes us away from any wisdom or gifts we may otherwise receive from being open to it.

Referring back to the Devil card, we would learn upon pulling this card during a reading that the Devil is a reflection that we may feel or be trapped or powerless in some context. This card is a message to take your power back and release yourself from unhealthy associations with the material world or unhealthy patterns or habits. It is a sign of letting go or cutting the chord to anything that is no longer serving us. With gratitude we are able to cradle these lessons and acknowledge the dark that we inherently are already embracing.

Without dark there would be no light.

Without ingratitude there would be no gratitude.

Without a worms eye view there would be no eagle eye view.