Grounding through Daoism

According to Taoism (Daoism) YinYang is a concept of dualism, which asserts that opposite forces are complimentary to one another and can create an interconnectedness of balance within. This ancient Chinese philosophy is related to all aspects of life. We can see it in relationships with ourselves, others, society, nature, and the whole of existence. Finding this balance is the root or foundation of feeling grounded with the cosmos within and without. There is a sense of surrender that is embraced in Taoism (Daoism), a surrendering to life as it is while making space for healing and grounding.

We may find when we attempt to carve quiet and still moments into our days we are inevitably reminded of all that is happening in our lives. We learn of dark and light energies, wounds and gifts that we have been suppressing, that come to the surface in solitude. This can be overwhelming or enlightening, but most importantly finding still moments can be a way for us to tap into becoming a listener. Listening is the first step to creating courage to face ourselves. When we listen we can embrace obstructions or powers within that we are apprehensive to tap into. We must listen to know where our wounds are and remind ourselves that we all collectively sustain or endure these traits at some points in our lives.

Yin quality is passive, soft, water, dark, and consuming. When we face Yin qualities we tap into our subconscious emotional bodies. We receptively listen to our shadow selves, the wounded inner child, ego, addictions, toxic behaviors, and anything that may sustain lower energy, or embody trauma. Understanding Yin traits within ourselves is a habit that takes consistent effort and honesty that brings generous rewards. When we acknowledge these characteristics we can offer a gentle awareness towards the recognition of these behaviors or traits. In this acknowledgement we can let our inner wounds know we hear them, we are here for them, and we want to heal them. Ushering in recognition and acceptance is the second step to finding ourselves and establishing balance within.

We need courage and honesty when working with ourselves to connect to a level of conscious understanding, this is being active through Yang energy. Yang is active, bright, fire, passionate, hard, and growing. Most of us are already connected to Yang energy, as it resonates with the current circumstance of existence. We have been conditioned to be hard and active about getting things done, achieving goals, and moving beyond our emotions to ensure we can keep up with gaining material and wealth. Yang qualities are helpful to us depending on the circumstances of our lives, especially in being able to passionately acknowledge our unbalanced energies.

Establishing harmony is the goal to reestablish rootedness, to dance with yin and yang energy in the cosmic breath of life. When we don’t find stillness, listen, and acknowledge, we self sabotage and whirl in a chaos that twists and turns us into our disharmony. When we find stillness, listen, and acknowledge, we can touch upon ourselves with loving kindness and compassion. There is a wonderful magic that occurs when we find this balance, not only do we feel restored and rested, but we can be passive and active with our inner needs and outer demands. We can begin to accept or decline anything that doesn't fulfill the harmony we have become familiar with and build a deeper bond with the self.

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