Hatching Into Spring

Hatching Into Spring:

My life had been black for months.

Fault was all around me.

Ravens cawed.

My heart was plucking at worms covered in filth.

Branches entangled in drought.

Pulls of weeds spread quicker than ivy around my knotted mess.

I was a head of chaotic hair.

I was a pout of sadness.

I was a body of beauty.

A face with lips that quivered words of truth that even angels didn’t want to hear.

As the black bear soars out of the ravaging river, I shook off droplets of water that clung to my skin and moved through the forest of my soul looking to find my cave.

Spiders and moths were in the webs all around, yet I was home.

After months of diving in and finding what lies beneath our surfaces, we have now shifted out from our depths and Winters cave and we are reawakening to the light. This is a process that we all experience on physical and energetic levels as Winter transitions into Spring.

Reawakening to the light can mean that we embrace an enthusiastic sense of gratitude, and courage. We are brought to courageously recognize the depths we were in. What did you find in your darkness? What buds are growing within and how can we gratefully tend to them over these next few blossoming months?