Hatching through Grief

Hatch, create, birth, spawn, dream up. Words are powerful, our thoughts are powerful, and we are powerful beings. During many seasons of our lives we will be acquainted with grief, and birth, death, and rebirth. We may experience death at the end of our days under the moon and be born again under the rise of the sun.

After the long slumber of winter darkness we hear the song of birds ringing in the air, we see butterflies have broken out of their cocoons, and like bears we roll out of our depths to find warmth amongst the symphony of spring. In this way we go through nature's death and rebirth, we feel it in our souls and we know we are versed in this cycle too.

To be versed in this cycle is a gift, from it we learn many qualities, especially resilience and endurance. While squandering in the depths of our darkness, grief, or loss we are succumbed to acutely tune into what we are inhibiting. What are we grieving, what have we lost, and how does this make us feel? When in tune with these darker sides of ourselves we can at times become overwhelmed. We can easily turn suppressed emotions into fears that we suppress even deeper within. We can allow ourselves to turn hard like the trunk of a tree and allow our darkness to entangle us like vines of ivy, while stretching out new branches covered in buds under the azure sky. In this we can acknowledge that although we may feel powerless, we are actually still sprouting.

The transition from darkness, grief, and loss into joy, and peace can be just as overwhelming. Sometimes we want to stay blanketed in our sorrow, we want to wrap others in the same sorrow, and at times, it may be all we know to do. There has to be a distinction between embracing darkness, and working with it to understand when it's time to take our power back and manifest an abundance of flowers in the garden of our soul.

For each person there is a time, and a place when we can do so. You will know when the time is right for you, it may not be in spring, it may be at night, or maybe your petals quietly furl open like the Lenten Rose among the gentle snowfalls of winter. It is important to know in your time of darkness you have purged, and made space for the light. If we keep all that's dying within, how would we have space for birth?

Birthing joy can start with one wish, one hopeful dream to reawaken to the endless supply of love in your chest that sparkles again. When this happens the power is in your hands, you feel the abundance flowing into your world, and can realign yourself with knowing all you could ever need is already yours. Your manifestation to shine again comes through your ability to remain detached from your concept of self, and your emotions. Like a dark cloud passes over the sky, like winter comes, we can let it rain and frost over us and know light and rainbows will always shine again.

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