A word I’m sure you have heard before and something you may have even tried to practice. But what truly is Manifestation and why is it something to consider? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary to Manifest is to make something visible to the minds eye. It is a way we can bring our dreams into fruition. This is something everyone should consider especially when you are hoping to live the life you have always imagined for yourself. Although we are commonly socialized to not follow our true passions and ultimately claim our wildest dreams to be foolish, understand this isn’t true. You and everyone else absolutely deserves to have everything you have ever wanted. Manifestation, though, is not to be used in a way that creates gluttonous excess but rather modest achievement through strength and discipline. Manifestation can look different for each person and greatly depends on what you already have in your life and where you’d like to propel yourself to.

I want to share with you the steps involved in the Manifestation process and how to begin to bring magic into your life. Yes, magic. Some may say magic doesn’t exist but it is time to drop old paradigms of outdated mentalities and understand and appreciate with open eyes, we are all connected to a source from which we can tap into and divine our own powers to evolve and harmonize the human experience here on earth.

~The first step in manifestation is to have a vision. This vision can be drawn from dreams, a passion, or from something that inspires you.

~The second step is to build a strong desire. Feel that you want what you are envisioning for yourself, feel it in your soul 'n bones.

~The third step is to articulate precisely what you desire with very clear intention. One way to do this is with Scripting which is a method of journaling as though you already have what you are trying manifest and write words of gratitude for having that manifestation, in clear detail. (Please see our last blog post for more information on Scripting.)

~The fourth step to manifesting is to develop a strong belief in this desire, believe that you deserve it, that it is meant to be yours.

~The fifth step is to accept. Accept what you are trying to manifest, keep an open heart to receiving the good with your mind focused on opportunities that present themselves to you. Say yes to what comes your way. Do things that bring you out of your comfort zone, as most times what we desire is on the other side of our fears.

~Next you will want to take an aligned action, stepping out of the shadows of your desires and doing what you can with what you have to make this manifestation real. If you listen to your intuition you can allow yourself to be physically guided to what actions you need to take to tap into this change in a gentle way. Every step counts.

~Then the seventh step is to practice absolute detachment. This sounds very silly, but it is here when you surrender to what it might be like to not control the manifestation but allow for it to enter your life with ease and grace.

~Lastly, You will then want to support yourself and focus on self care, maintain being clear in intention and believing in this manifestation and how deserving of it you are.

This is how you Manifest. Follow these steps and explore what it feels like, notice the little flashes of magic that begin to show themselves to you. Share your experiences with others and help each other to begin to pull the life they wish for closer to themselves. Now is a time better than ever to begin this practice as we are experiencing many changes within our societal structure and economy. It is easy to resort to fear and panic but let us ground and connect to the earth and focus on the light that our dreams can bring into our lives. Let us manifest the most holistic, loving, compassionate and kind reality we can imagine. It is possible to have heaven on earth, if we truly believe in it. 🌈✨

🖤 Jaq Anne