Moon and Flowers

Moon and flowers

Kisses and tugs

The lust from her glow wraps around my heart

Her aura makes a rainbow tonight

Under the sunken dark sky

Kisses and tugs.

Dance and love

The wind nudges bowed flowers deep in their slumber

Their soft petals curl into their stalks

Under the sunken dark sky

Dance and love.

Moon and dove

The wings of light twirl through the sky

Their feathers flicker with the rhythm of the stars

Under the sunken dark sky

Moon and dove.

Flowers and us

We lay here entangled like ivy

The grass tickles our feet, our love is a night in bloom

Under the sunken dark sky

Flowers and us.

Oh the lure of flowers and the moon, a pair that blends together so romantically. Some plants rise and fall in the day, and others in the night. Scientists believe that flowers may be affected by the gravitational pull of the moon, and like the tides of the ocean, they move in harmony with its pull.

It has been considered in gardening folklore that planting flowers in accordance with the moon cycles may yield a better harvest. Many flower medicines are made while flowers bask in the moonlight, and one can feel the lunar power through these flower medicines. The effect feels ethereal and as though you're connected to the moo, yet grounded by the flowers.

In what ways do you connect with flowers and the moon?