Rooting in Intention

Hey loves,

The New Year is often filled with many intention setting rituals and is a turning point for us to begin again. At this time we typically try to find a new way of being, new goals to achieve, or brainstorm new adventures for the year ahead. When it comes to turning points in our lives, sometimes it may seem outside of our reach or capac

ity to choose how we get to maintain diligence in the fulfillment of achieving our goals. We may be able to recall a year or two ago when we sat down and actively made a list of things to achieve, changes to make, and new habits to instill. Maybe these yielded great change for you, and impacted you in healthy ways. Maybe you realized halfway through the year that nothing had changed, and are now at the end of the year staring blankly at your list wondering what to do.

Change is the only constant in life, and within change we also have a need for comfort. It is human nature to find comfort, especially in times of great change. Finding comfort or coping mechanisms vary from person to person, they may mean we avoid taking control of our own direction or path in order to reject or hide from change. Occasionally we may allow the power we have over our paths to be controlled by outside forces such as societal pressures, unhealthy relationships, or even our own subconsciously induced conditionings. When this occurs, we may lose touch with our direction, and like a wild horse, we may forget to tighten the reins and grab control again. But what can occur when we begin to cultivate intentions *shaky legs and all*? Can we spread roots into the foundation of our futures while making sure we stick with them, and see them through?

You will find intentions enmeshed in Moss & Milk candle descriptions, or as we like to call them, subtle seeds of encouragement ;). Working with intentions is quite simple! All you need to know is that just as you tend a garden, you can tend to your life and your thoughts in the same way. There will be seasons when you plant seeds, bloom, prune, cultivate, and relinquish. Not to mention all of these seasons may occur in a day, week, month, or even a year. This is human and okay, these are the internal seasons that should be embraced as they are the steps to working with yourself as a companion and ensuring you are well taken care of and in complete control of your life.

Intentions are similar to affirmations in which they help motivate and encourage us to embrace change and the unknown. We would like to give you a permission slip to use intentions as a means to help improve or change your plans, goals, and path at any time. This is a great tool with magical capabilities we should utilize and encourage amongst friends and loved ones. Everyone has permission to alter or reexamine any plans or goals throughout any point in their unfolding.

Working with candles is a great way to make space for setting intentions. Let’s use our candle Root as an example. Rooting or grounding is a great way to get in touch with your intuition and the subtle energies of the universe and nature. We can practice grounding by meditating, spending time with nature, walking barefoot outside, practicing yoga, journaling, and even connecting with animals. There are many ways to ground or root yourself, always find what feels most comfortable for you and know the main goal is to achieve balance within a sense of connectedness to the earth and your present location. When we feel rooted or grounded we are able to feel secure and prepared for changes we wish to establish. Your sense of security in your present gives you the courage you need to take the leap! With Root we are asked to find balance by grounding ourselves deeply into mother earth, and in doing this we will warm our environments. If we take a moment to ponder this, we can think of how our lives are being navigated in reflection to this intention. We can also take keywords from our candle descriptions and form our own intentions to resonate a little deeper within. If your working with Root you could probably say something like “I send my roots deep down into Mother Earth,” or “being grounded helps me feel at ease in my environment.”

It is always essential when establishing an intention that you listen to yourself, and take a moment to acknowledge how you truly feel. Does this intention resonate with me? Will this intention help me during this phase of life? If not, then how can I alter it to resonate with me, and guide me? If you feel in your spirit that you can make space for these intentions, and would like to take on this lesson, then you can begin by taking a deep cleansing breath. Close your eyes, then *Inhale and *exhale fully. Breathe in and out at least 3 times, after 3 breaths gently open your eyes. Bring yourself back to your immediate environment, notice how you feel. Then take this new sensation that you feel and use it to gently light your candle. As you illuminate your candle, maybe you say the intention out loud, as a gentle whisper, or even as a passing hymn in your mind.

After your moment of setting the intention has been completed, you may continue to burn your candle until you feel intuitively it is time to snuff it out. We recommend if it is the first time burning your candle that you allow it to remain safely lit for at least 3 hours. Keeping your candle lit will also serve as a means to give your intention light and even energy. At this point you can recognize your intention as a seed of light that has been planted or created, and will bloom into a glorious opportunity or chance to embrace change. If these intentions are not relevant to you at the time of burning the candle, then your free will allows for you to omit the guidance of the intention, or maybe even save it for another time in your life when it may be more relevant. We wish that you take the intentions of Moss & Milk candles and use them as guidance along your personal seasons as encouragement to know that you are in control, and that any seed you plant will bloom.


Alxzyndria & Jacqueline