Ironically with the world in the state that it is in, last month we planned Scripting as our blog topic for this week. We have been asked to dive within whether it be remaining at home, abstaining from community affairs, work, going to school, or even being quarantined. We have been guided into our comfort zones. When we are guided into our comfort zones, it is time to rebuild our internal sense of peace, while simultaneously establishing ease and tranquility in times of uncertainty. Being in this place we can open our hearts to our inner worlds and imagine a new world, life, or way of being.

One of our favorite ways to rebuild our sense of peace is with Scripting. Scripting is a profoundly powerful form of journaling that helps us welcome a life we desire to have, while living in the certainty that that life is already ours. We have more control over our lives than we know, our power rests in our own hands. Of course there are external factors that are out of our control, but aren't there always? Scripting allows us to unclench our fists in controlled efforts to claim our lives to be a certain way, and instead allows us to release all tension in knowing they already are as we have manifested them to be. Our lives are already being created in relevance to our conscious or subconscious efforts. What does your life look like?

“I live an abundant life. I see and create beauty everywhere I go. Everyday I celebrate in my health and the wellness of all living beings. I know I am safe and secure, I am divinely protected. I am grateful for my community, which offers gifts and guidance to me through tough times. I am in alignment with a path that will serve my highest purposes.” Maybe your life looks similar to this, or maybe your life is being conditioned by society's current state of affairs. Both are okay, both connect us to the paths that we need to be on.

The bigger focus here is, what life do you want to have? Where do you see yourself one week, month, or year from now? If we can all take some time to script journal and write exactly what we would like our lives to look like, whether it is our personal, loved ones, humanity, or the world at large, let us begin to write a new story of a future that creates a life of peace together. Then our efforts will bring a new world into existence.

Many of us are feeling twists of emotions now, being compelled to feel both the good and the bad, curiosity and uncertainty pervades. Together we can dive into these feelings and sit with them, learn from them and help each other feel connected through them. There is a sense of peace in knowing that this worldly transition is bringing us closer to one another, and most importantly, our inner worlds and back to Mother Earth. We advise you spend some time Scripting the life you’re living, is it really the life you created or the one society has made for you?