Self Love ✨

When you look in the mirror what do you say to yourself? Do you notice the things you like about yourself, or do you think about how you wished differently about yourself and maybe your appearance? This is a very common experience for many people and if this is something you find yourself engaging in understand you are not alone. In life we all experience a lot, no one’s path is easy. There are many lessons and encounters that send us to different places internally or externally and can give us varied understandings or meanings to life. Some good, indifferent, and maybe even bad. It is important to appreciate that these understandings are not always ours to carry.

If you can begin to look at yourself in the mirror and point to every single specific part of yourself that you would normally deny or be bothered by and say I love you to those parts of yourself something magical starts to blossom from within. To take the things about yourself and eliminate any negative expression towards it allows this part of you to become something new. It becomes something you begin to look at differently and over time you begin to admire. You fall in love with the parts of yourself that once made you feel unworthy.

Loving yourself in today's society is hard work. But something we all must strive for as to love yourself is to be able to love your community and in turn the world. Self love is the act of befriending the self with compassionate observation and taking actions to provide an inner nurturing with a foundation of passion and devotion. This is not to be confused with conceit or vanity.

Self love is gentle and patient. Learning to love yourself allows for us to release our negative self talk, love the person we are becoming and teaches us to believe in ourselves and our power. When you can acknowledge your own self worth you will find you are already enough and you will begin to glow with all of your divine radiance.

To experience more self love in your life you can begin by picking one specific part of yourself you might not want to acknowledge and say to that part of you, I love you. Then do it again, tell another part of yourself I love you, and again; I love you. Even if it sounds foreign to you, don’t stop. If you begin to question yourself, don’t stop. Continue this day after day and gradually allow yourself to incorporate different parts of yourself till you acknowledge your whole self. As you continue you can change affirmations when this feels comfortable for you. Some other pleasant affirmations to use could include; I love and accept myself, I deserve love, I am at peace with my past, I deserve self care, I am beautiful inside and out, and I am worthy.

Aside from affirmations acts of self love can include taking a nature walk, reading a book, playing an instrument, journaling how you feel, dancing or practicing yoga but mostly just finding what feels good to you and what honors your loving relationship with yourself.

If you haven’t tried this yet, give it a go. What does it hurt to try and love yourself? Enjoy the process of loving yourself. As you build your sense of compassion within and start to shine it on the world, don’t sway but share your lesson with others who might need to learn to tell themselves I love me too.


Jacqueline 😘