Stillness comes from within

Stillness - Staying still you travel faster than anything in this Universe, this profound quote says a lot. When we implement stillness in our lives, we feel, at times overwhelmed. Deep within the cobwebs of our mind a myriad of “thought spiders” come to the surface and we feel as though webs are being spun. Where do these thought spiders come from? If we take a step back from our day to day, we can recognize that thought spiders are little critters of consumption. Feeding off of what we consume on a daily basis. Everyday, every moment we are consuming. We consume nutriment, news, advertisements, societal paradigms, social media, products, etc, and eventually we need a break. . .

Transgression, Transformation, and Transcendence are the three T’s that help us to resist the confines of society, and of our own mind. This concept, chosen from the book The Beat Spirit, is eloquently enmeshed around the Beat Generation and their message. The Beat Generation was a potent time of “madness,” but in a good way. The Beat Generation felt the madness or need to strip themselves of structures that were limiting and holding them down, this effort is largely what propelled America into a more open culture as we know it today. Open, meaning free from taboo and allowing for the people to claim their own experiences in their lives.

In reflection, looking back to this time we can see we’ve become rigid again as a whole, and internally. Society is still very much set up for us to fit into the structures that have been created for us, and whether we like it or not we subsequently subconsciously instill these same structures into our ways of being. The society we live in now “isn’t meant to be still” we’re supposed to “always be doing something” or “have a plan, and be ready.” This unfortunately is a clear message showing us we have been bamboozled.

We see ads everywhere for fast paced spiritual endeavors, such as 10 day retreats, 5 day trauma healing, the list could go on. Not to mention the amount of money demanded for these forms of healing is quite insulting. But it seems as though healing should take place in a time frame that ensures we get back to the 9-5 grind as quickly as we can. This isn’t healthy or okay, we are allowed time. Time is one of our many birthrights and time is what can help us make space for stillness.

So, how do we follow the three T’s? Transgression will stretch our limits internally and externally. Only when we recognize limitations and question boundaries, can we break them down and establish anew. As a result transformation begins, and we can begin to say goodbye to old limiting beliefs and habits. As it is easy within transformation to fall back into our old structures we have to be vigilant, and know that change is possible, it's happening and it will continue to happen. Change takes place over long periods of time, it is a gradual consequence to living, and we can see it, and believe in it. Transcendence is the ultimate goal in any awakening. We can want to transcend suffering, guilt, structures, and systems, but in order to do that we have to recognize these entities as what they are. Constructs of human existence have limited us for a long time, but it is up to us to be our own internal anarchists and break ourselves free before we can free the world.

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