The Poetry of Flowers

Flowers have long been a humble muse of poets, painters, musicians and the like. We see their graceful appearances all around us, they dress our homes, walls, and hearts with poise and peace. In our newsletter this month we’ve posed two questions, one of which asks; In what ways have flowers supported you?

Flowers have been painting the Earth for over 130 million years. In Mythology Flowers are considered to have many symbolic meanings, often they are associated with birth, youth, beauty, and when they wilt they are associated with death. Some represent the sun, while others represent the moon. In East Asian history flowers are associated with enlightenment eras that brought forth great thinking, and are represented as the center of the universe from which all of life blooms.

When thinking about how Flowers have supported you, maybe you recall all of the special occasions on which you received them. How they helped you to mend a broken heart though a time of grief, or how they magically appeared in your yard after a blissful rainfall. In those moments, what flowers appeared before you? What were their colors, and what messages did they have for you? Flowers are more than they appear, they have potent healing properties and can help you connect with deeper understandings of their terrains, earth, and ourselves.

It is poetic and wise to tune into the world of flowers. Their intelligence allows them to come into our lives at the right time, usually exactly when we need them. The African Violet sitting on your desk daintily unfurling its purple petals to you, has a message. The Geranium perched on your window sill, freshly plucked by the hands of a child, has a message for you. The little red Holly pods falling on your front steps, have a message for you. Below is a poem I wrote while connecting with sunflowers several years ago.

Enshrouded by glowing skin.

You stretched your essence around a woman with a mischievous grin.

Sometimes you skip.

Sometimes you take steps.

Other times you leap.

Soaring into the next phase.

Things are a beautiful mess and this is real.

I knew I would be here one day.

Here I am.



Bathing in essence of my higher self.

My every fiber meshed with a black hole filled with embers of growth.

These moments are filled with sunflowers.

That is all.

The next time your hand glides over a flower, take a moment to ask it, what is your message.