What is Expression?

Expression is an innate ability we all carry within our sweet bodies. Our voice, our stare, our mannerisms, and overall way of being is the expression of our innermost self. One can easily assume that to be expressive, we must gather all of our ideas of beauty and work effortlessly to be more of a certain way. With that mindset we may consume more outside ourselves for inspiration and strive to unintentionally be like others around us. We may feel that only then will our expression be flawless, yet in some circumstances this tendency pulls us further from ourselves and our individual uniqueness.

When we replicate others or judge our expression based on another's expression, we strip ourselves of our own true colors. Inspiration can be very constructive and beneficial at times. We can be open to what others and the world has to offer, yet at the same time we can maintain a distinction between working with and understanding one's own expression, and absorbing what others create. Our expression is our own, it makes up the embers of our very spirit and existence. We can be cognizant of our interpretations of others’ expressions and instead of thinking how we would like our expression to be in relation to it, we can simply let our expression flow like a universal river that pours through us. We are portals with deep potential to recognize, love, and admire our own expressive creations. When we hum, slash strokes across a paper, or dance to our rhythm, we form a compassionate union with ourselves. We can be who we are and lovingly embrace this part of self and learn from it how to be.

How do you connect with your expression? How can you understand what is trying to come to life through you, and allow it to be without alterations? As stars appear in the sky, as boulders fall into place, as bees are yellow and black, as trees grow crooked and skewed, all of these expressions of nature are content with being just as they are. There is no imposed view on how a star should shine, or how a boulder may fall. We can allow nature to be our inspiration in our efforts to understand how to connect with our expressive essence. We too are a part of nature, and what shines through us is beauty in its finest form of expression.

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