Rose Quartz Guāshā Boards & Moxibustion sticks are the perfect beginner tools for TCM physical self care. Guāshā is used by scraping the skin (with an oil) to promote restoration in tense tissues and muscles in the body.


Moxibustion sticks are burned to push the flow of energy in the body, and restore balance in Yin & Yang energy within or in your environment. 

TCM Starter

  • Each Guāshā board is made of rose quartz and three inches long. Each Moxibustion stick is 0.05oz from 美国苏氏乐业有限公司 U.S. distributor. The Moxibustion sticks should be kept in a dry place and used in accordance with Acupuncture or Acupressure treatments. (please consult your physician). You can also burn them in your space as incense, if you do this be sure to burn the stick for 15- 30 minute increments with a window open.